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The Adventures of Tugboat Annie (1957-58)
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Jim Brent, John King (New York City airdates), Tom Alger, Robert Leszczak
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Normandie Productions, Inc.
a Canadian subsidiary of  TPA (Television Programs of America)
An Anthony Veiller Production / Produced by Leon Fromkess
Filmed in Ontario, Canada
US Syndication/ Associated Rediffusion UK
Canadian Comedy Adventure series 1957 39 episodes x 30 min bw (38 listed here)
Minerva Urecal  as "Tugboat" Annie Brennan, skipper of the "Narciscus"
Walter Sande as Captain Horatio Bullwinkle, skipper of the  "Salamander"
Annie's crew: Don Baker as Whitey  Don Orlando as Pinto
Bullwinkle's crew:  James Barron as Jake
???? Eric Clavering (as Shiftless) ???? which crew?
Screwball comedy series about the adventures of widowed skipper
Annie Brennan. Annie was the fog-horn voiced captain of the "Narciscus",
a tug based in the Pacific North West of America. Her main preoccupation
was getting the better of her rival skipper Horatio Bullwinkleof the
"Salamander". They are competitors to haul cargo, but really friends down deep.

The character of Tugboat Anne first appeared in Norman Reilly Raine's
short stories. In 1933 a movie was made which starred as Marie Dressler
as Annie and Wallace Beery as Bullwinkle.

###### The Adventures of Tugboat Annie #######
############### season 1957-58 ###############
ABC New York City (local time slot) airdates [JK]

[01] Tugboat Annie: HOME IS THE SAILOR
    30Jun58 Toronto, Ontario
26Mar59 ABC local, New York City
When the miserly owner of the old sailor's home decides to sell it,
Annie gets him involved with a beautiful girl. [JB]

1.02 [--] Tugboat Annie: QUEEN ANNIE
14Jul58 Kingston, Ontario
Guest Cast:
John Grima
........ Prince Stefano
When the queen of a small European country visits America she becomes
a target for assassins. One of the queen's advisers notices that
Annie is the queen's double and hires her for an unusual job. [JB]

    29Jul58 Des Moines, IA
27Nov58 ABC local, New York City
The night of the annual seaman's carnival, Annie negotiates a contract
long coveted by Bullwinkle. Bullwinkle then bribes a fortune teller
to prophesy dire results to Annie from the contract. Terrified, Annie
surrenders the contract to Bullwinkle, then she learns she has been
tricked. Disgusted with herself, she decides to retire to a chicken farm. [JB]

12Aug58 Des Moines, IA
11Dec58 ABC local, New York City
Synopsis 1:
When Annie learns that her niece is coming to visit her, she goes into
a panic. She has to learn some good manners in a hurry. Then she
rescues a rich young man from drowning and he offers her the loan of
his house for one night so she can make a good impression on her niece. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Annie has been paying for the education of her late husband's
niece. Now that the young woman is coming to visit her, Annie
is in a panic, for she knows that the girl will not continue
to take money from her when she sees the sacrifice it entails. [JK]

20Aug58 Boston, MA
16Oct58 ABC local, New York City
Annie cannot bear to see the way in which Bullwinkle pushes around her
miniature crewman, Pinto. She undertakes to make him "think big" so that he will "be big." [JB]

[06] Tugboat Annie: STOWAWAY
    26Aug58 Des Moines, IA
25Dec58 ABC local, New York City
Synopsis 1:
Annie discovers a little boy hiding on the Narcissus. The product of
a broken home, he has run away from school and will not reveal his
identity. Bullwinkle, learning the child's identity, decides to
kidnap him and get the reward for him. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
When Annie discovers a little boy, who will not reveal his
identitiy, hiding in the "Narciscus", she lets herself in for
a good deal of excitement - and trouble. [JK]

02Sep58 Des Moines, IA
1Jan59 ABC local, New York City
An oil tanker runs aground thirty miles south of Secoma. Its owner,
seeking a tug to tow his tanker off, arrives in Secoma complete with
ten-gallon hat and high-heeled boots. He falls into the hands of
Bullwinkle, who intends to take him for all he's got. Then Annie
intrudes on the scene and intrudes on the scene and introduces
herself as a fellow Texan. [JB]

[08] Tugboat Annie: PIZZA ROMANCE
    17Sep58 Boston, MA
13Nov58 ABC local, New York City
Annie's crewman, Pinto, loses his heart to the lovely daughter of
Louie of Louie's Pizza Palace. [JB]

a.k.a. "Aye, Aye Commodore Bullwinkle" (UK title)
26Feb58 A-R London UK, Wed 7:00pm
08Oct58 Cincinnati, OH
08Jan59 ABC local, New York City
3Jan63 Tyne-Tees UK, Wed 6:35pm
Written by Jack Roche
Synopsis 1:
It is a strange situation when Annie finds Bullwinkle is her
boss, but she loses no time in doing something about it. (A-R UK)
Synopsis 2:
Murdoch McArdle, Bullwinkle's boss succeeds in getting possession
of the "Narcissus", so Bullwinkle as Senior Captain of the Fleet
becomes Annie's boss. (Tyne-Tees UK)
Synopsis 3:
Murdoch McArdle, Bullwinkle's boss, succeeds in getting possession of the Narcissus. [JB]

[10] Tugboat Annie: ANNIE’S RACE HORSE
    12Oct58 Rochester, NY
30Oct58 ABC local, New York City
Annie is forced to accept an alleged race horse in payment for a tow job. [JB]

[11] Tugboat Annie: ANNIE'S RETIREMENT [verified -RL]
15Oct58 Kingston, Ontario
Directed by Sam Newfield
Written by Earl Baldwin
Guest cast
Don Sinclair ......... Tinkelpaugh
Brendon Dillon ....... Dr. Peaslee
Margaret McBain ...... Mrs. Kramer
Stan Francis ......... Severn
James Barron ......... Jake
Believing that she only has a short time left to live, Annie decides she should leave the sea and spend her last
days in peace and quiet. [JB]


9Oct58 ABC local, New York City
(most likely the episode 05Nov58 Dayton, OH)
[--] (title unknown)(possibly "Tugboat Annie and The Admiral")   
    05Nov58 Dayton, OH
Annie is all set to entertain a distinguished shipping magnate. [JB]


[13] Tugboat Annie: ANNIE IS A LADY
19Mar59 ABC local, New York City
[--] (title unknown)(possibly "Annie is a Lady")     
05Nov58 Cincinnati, OH
Annie decorates herself in baubles, bangles and beads. [JB]

[14] Tugboat Annie: BALLOTS AND BALLAST
17Nov58 Springfield, MA
20Nov58 ABC local, New York City
Annie and Bullwinkle are rival candidates for treasurer of an association. [JB]

[15] Tugboat Annie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    10Dec58 Rockford, IL
26Feb59 ABC local, New York City
Annie decides to give a surprise party for her old enemy Horatio
Bullwinkle. When Bullwinkle learns he is not invited, he decides to get even with her. [JB]

[16] Tugboat Annie: ANNIE FINDS A BABY TUG
14Jan58 A-R London UK, Tue 7pm
08Dec58 Milwaukee, WI
6Nov58 ABC local, New York City
Executive Producer Leon Fromkess
Written by Barry Trivers
Directed by Les Goodwins
Synopsis 1:
Bullwinkle discovers an abandoned baby on board Annie's tug and winds up as baby sitter. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Annie finds a baby and causes Bullwinkle considerable embarassment,
especially when he finds himself at sea in Annie's tug, the "Narcissus". [UK]

[17] Tugboat Annie: THE ROMANCE OF HORATIO BULLWINKLE [verified -JB/RL]
15Jan59 ABC local, New York City
24Jan59 New Haven, CT
(c) 1957 by Normandie Productions, Inc. Syndicated program.
a TPA (Television Programs of America, Inc.) program ;
an Anthony Veiller production. Filmed in Canada
Produced by Leon Fromkess
Written by Maurice Richlin, Fred Fox, Joel Rapp
Directed by Les Goodwins
Film Editor, Dwight Caldwell; Photography, Frank Follette.
Minerva Urecal (Tugboat Annie) Walter Sande (Capt. Horatio Bullwinkle)
With: Don Orlando (Pinto), Eric Clavering (Shiftless), James Barron (Jake)
Guest Cast:
Charmion King ........ Lydia
Larry Solway ......... George
Synopsis 1:
Annie simultaneously delivers her arch rival Bullwinkle from the
clutches of the law and the clutches of a designing female. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Bullwinkle is wooed by a pretty young lady named Lydia. However, Lydia has an
ulterior motive. She and her REAL boyfriend are trying to transport some illegal
cargo on the "Salamander". Annie suspects a rat, and follows Bullwinkle on his voyage.
She comes to the rescue when she hops aboard the Salamander, only to find Bullwinkle
is being held at gunpoint to export the cargo. Having previous knowledge of Lydia's
extreme allergies, Annie has brought aboard some ragweed and gets the gun away when
Lydia goes into a sneezing attack. [RL]

[18] Tugboat Annie: ANNIE'S COLD CARGO
18Dec58 ABC local, New York City
  05Apr59 Los Angeles, CA
26Jun62 Tyne-Tees UK, Tue 7:00 pm
Annie’s tug is hired to bury a corpse at sea. But the coffin actually
contains a notorious bank robber trying to escape into Canada. [JB]

[19] Tugboat Annie: ANNIE, THE SMUGGLER
25Feb59 Dayton, OH
Annie finds some marbles belonging to her dead husband. Later, a
thief hides stolen diamonds in the marble bag. [JB]

[20] Tugboat Annie: ANNIE PLAYS CUPID   
05Feb59 ABC local, New York City
04Mar59 Green Bay, WI
Annie learns that a family feud is preventing a couple's marriage. [JB]

[21] Tugboat Annie: GETTING ANNIE’S PIG
12May58 A-R London UK, Mon 6.10pm
22Mar59 Rochester, NY
21May59 ABC local, New York City
Written by Earl Baldwin
Synopsis 1:
Part of Annie's payment for a towing bill is a pig named Loretta. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
A pig on board the "Narciscus" seems to be more trouble than
it is worth to Annie. However, she discovers that it is no ordinary pig. [UK]

[22] Tugboat Annie: THE CHINESE FORMULA
    29Mar59 Omaha, NE
Annie learns that Bullwinkle has duped her into buying a phony secret
formula for converting salt water into fresh water. [JB]

[23] Tugboat Annie: THE BUTLER DID IT   
    19Apr59 Omaha, NE
To the dismay of Annie and Bullwinkle, their bosses hire an efficiency
expert to supervise their tugboat operations. [JB]

[24] Tugboat Annie: OPERATION HOTCAKE
03May59 Omaha, NE
Through Annie's advice, Pinto buys a debt-ridden restaurant. Annie
tries to set things right by conning Bullwinkle into a partnership. [JB]

    04Jul59 Wausau, WI
Annie and Bullwinkle vie for the Secoma Community Chest award, given
to the tugboat captain who raises the most money for the fund. [JB]

[26] Tugboat Annie: HIGH BLONDE PRESSURE
7May59 ABC local, New York City
    31Aug60 Great Bend, KS
A beautiful new manicurist in town charms the crew of the Narcissus
into inactivity. As a result, Annie is about to lose an important job to Bullwinkle. [JB]

[27] Tugboat Annie: ANNIE'S INHERITANCE
02Nov60 Great Bend, KS
Annie is willed a ship, the Nancy Blair, on the stipulation that she must have a son. [JB]

[28] Tugboat Annie: DELINQUENT
19Feb59 ABC local, New York City
11May59 Milwaukee, WI
Annie tries to reform a seemingly hopeless young hoodlum. [JB]

[29] Tugboat Annie: GOLDEN FLEECE   
    21Jan59 Seattle, WA
22Jan59 ABC local, New York City
When the Narcissus' engines break down Annie agrees to pay Bullwinkle
half her fee if he will tow both vessels. [JB]

[30] Tugboat Annie: BULLWINKLE’S FOLLY
23Oct58 ABC local, New York City
Bullwinkle gives an important contract to Annie because his own
boat is laid up with engine trouble. However, when his boat is
put right earlier than expected, Bullwinkle has to get out of
his deal with Annie. [JK]

4Dec58 ABC local, New York City
27Dec61 Tyne-Tees UK, Wed 6:30 pm
A seaman's mission band is a source of perpetual annoyance to
Bullwinkle. Annie is astute enough to recognize that this is only
because it preys on Bullwinkle's conscience, and so, when he cheats
her out of a particularly lucrative contract by a particularly dirty
trick, she determines to play on his feelings. [Tyne-Tees UK]

[32] Tugboat Annie: SMOKE SCREEN
2Oct58 ABC local, New York City [JK]

[33] Tugboat Annie: ANNIE’S BIG DEAL
29Jan59 ABC local, New York City [JK]

19May58 Kingston, Ontario [JB]
12Feb59 ABC local, New York City [JK]
A British lawyer informs Bullwinkle that he is heir to a title and an English estate. [JB]

5Mar59 ABC local, New York City [JK]
[--] (title unknown)(possibly "Annie's Treasure Hunt")
    21Feb59 Cincinnati, OH
In order to raise enough money to buy a tow engine, Annie attempts
to raise a sunken cargo. [JB]

[36] Tugboat Annie: A MEDAL FOR ANNIE
12Mar59 ABC local, New York City [JK]
    11Apr60 Oakland, CA [JB]
Bullwinkle attempts to win a city medal which is given to the
seafaring hero of the year, by putting in a false claim. [JB]

[37] Tugboat Annie: THE SIXTH SANTA (Christmas episode)   
    22Dec61 Windsor, Ontario [JB]
Annie tries to convince a little fatherless boy that there really is a Santa Claus. [JB]

[38] Tugboat Annie: PINTO'S PANCAKE HEAVEN [verified -RL]
Written by Bill Freedman, Larry Rhine
Directed by Sam Newfield
Minerva Urecal(Annie) / Walter Sande (Bullwinkle)
With: Don Orlando (Pinto) Eric Clavering (Shiftless)
Guest Cast:
Stan Francis ...... Severn
Don Baker ......... Fogerty
John Paris ........ Mullins
Hugh Webster ...... Tim
Don Franks ........ Jim
-Pinto asks his boss for a raise, but doesn't get one so he decides to leave his
job and open his own pancake restaurant. He buys Fogerty's Beanery and turns it
into Pinto's Pancake Heaven. The restaurant does poorly, and that gives Annie an
idea. She and Pinto make it seem as though the restaurant is raking in the dough
to get the former owner (Fogerty) to buy it back. Hedoes, and luckily, Pinto gets
his old job back - and gets his raise. [RL]

###### The Adventures of Tugboat Annie #######
################# the end ##################

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